Buy components in bulk to
reduce your procurement costs
Shortages and Time-Critical demand have historically been associated with high-service sales and exceptionally high prices. This is not the Weyland approach. On our site, buyers find consistently competitive prices, in line with or lower than other online worldwide leading distributors or online superstores.
We have two warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong with over 2,000 square meters of space. Depending on taxation preference policy in Hong Kong, we acquire powerful competitive prices among worldwide distributors by purchasing electronic components all over the world to our Hong Kong warehouse.
We have precision calibration in the market to guide us procurement. On the basis of investigation, we tend to do large volume purchases to acquire lower prices.
Huge inventory of 500,000+ components from 2000+ manufacturers
SWeyland has access to thousands of electronic parts.
We carry top manufacturers, such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices Inc, On Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Microchip, NXP, Infineon etc.
Thus, whenever you want any kind of components, Weyland can provide you with the best products, which are available for immediate shipment, so that you will require what you want through in-time delivery and cost-saving prices.
Have a full inventory, whether it is discontinued materials, discarded
materials and commonly used parts
Based on our customer-centric business philosophy, Weyland is more focused on hot selling and hard to find (EOL) electronic components, which means you can get more competitive pricing on hot selling products, or get a real and reliable source of hard to find (EOL) parts through Weyland. Rather than having customers scour the globe for scarce (EOL) electronic components, which is time consuming and risky, we connect available stock with shortages as soon as they need it, and then contact brokers and less reputable supply chain partners based on our customer-centric philosophy, Weyland's increased focus on hot sell and hard to find (EOL) electronic components means you can get competitive pricing on hot sell products or get a true and reliable source of hard to find (EOL) parts through Weyland. Rather than having clients scour the globe for scarce (EOL) electronic components, which is time-consuming and fraught with risk, we link available stock to shortages as soon as they need it, before contacting brokers and less reputable supply chain partners.
After-sales service
24 Hours Shipment
The guarantee of 24 hours shipment can initially let you feel considerate and value-added after-sales service from Weyland.
180 Days Warranty
Any kind of components you purchase from Weyland carries 180 days of warranty.
Platform has BOM Tools &
ECAD Modules
*BOM Tools——
Buyers can upload Parts List to get Stock Info(Quantities ,Multiple Price Breaks, Availability/Lead-Time,Manufacturer, etc.) and download to Desktop Quotes.
Buyers can be answered almost immediately and production cycles continue to contract.
*ECAD Modules——
Over 20 Million+ Components ECAD Modules Download Free.
*24-hours Self-Service Shopping——
Deliver liberated, self-service shopping.
Customer-focused, with quality
products as the fundamental
Weyland has professional testing equipment and provides professional testing reports to ensure the quality of products.
ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 13485
ISO 14001
ISO 28000: 2007
ISO 45001:2018
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